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Electrician at Work


T.L.PREMIER ELECTRIC performs all our installations and repairs with the utmost precision, skill and care.  Our clients can expect the job to be done in a timely manner and we guarantee all of our work. We deliver quality service to residents in San Diego and surrounding areas. Call us to see if we service your area.

Here’s an overview of the various electric services we offer:

  • Electrical Outlet Services: Our electricians upgrade, replace, and install electrical outlets so you can safely access power wherever you need it in your home!  We work with new construction to install or already existing buildings in upgrades. We are here to make all your electrical needs work like a charm.

  • Timers, Dimmers & Control Installations: With new timers, dimmers, and controls, you can easily adjust and manage lighting scenes for any room in your home from a single remote control or one central location.

  • Interior Lighting Installation: Whether you want ambient lighting, chandeliers, track lighting, or other interior lighting, we’ve got you covered because we work with many brands and manufacturers!

  • Exterior Lighting Installation: Our electricians can design and install the perfect outdoor lighting system to beautify your property while adding some nighttime security.

  • Ceiling Fan Installation: We install and replace all types of indoor and outdoor fans, from ceiling and exhaust fans to hood fans, patio fans, and more! 

  • Smoke Alarm Installation: Don’t compromise your safety and peace of mind by letting an amateur install your home’s smoke detectors. Call us to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are correctly installed and properly working.

  • Surge Protector Services: Protect your electronics and your home with a whole-home surge protector installed by our electricians.

  • Grounding Electrical Services: Our inspections and grounding services can safeguard you and your family from severe or fatal shock resulting from inadequate grounding.

  • Electric Panel Upgrades: When you need a fuse box or electrical panel repaired, replaced, or upgraded, our electricians can handle the job with expertise, getting it completed safely and correctly the first time.

  • Home Wiring Upgrades: Don’t risk an electrical fire due to damaged or aging wires. Let our electricians upgrade your home’s wiring, so you don’t have to worry about electrical safety hazards in your home.

  • Electrical Car Charger Installation: Conveniently charge your electric car at home with your own charging station. We can install any type of charging station, so you can reliably charge your vehicle at home.

  • Emergency Electrician Services: When you need an emergency electrician in San Diego, we’re here to help. From a wiring emergency to power outages in the middle of the night, call us to help!

  • And more: We’re a full-service electrical company that can handle any residential or commercial electrical need!

When it comes to service, we pride ourselves on being proactive, experienced and genuinely proud of each and every job that we do. Our company has grown because of our outstanding customer serivce and our experienced electricians.

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